Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hello saturday!

Hello there,

Boring day boring life. I don't know what to do :( Lifeless. Im gettin' dark, this is sad. I hate sunburn like seriously bahaha i know no one likes it. Kita geng la katakan :) Today is saturday, tomorrow is sunday and the next day is... MONDAY grrr. Im bored *peace*

Okay i wanna share something, I joined Hockey at school. Tournament Hockey is on Tuesday, last week. Super duper nervous! well you guys will feel the same if you join something. I was like 'Ee bola tida melantun ka?' 'mesti ganas kan dorang main?' 'oh god, apa kita mau pakai?' 'mesti panas kan time tu' I asked my captain everyday. Of course la she will get bored. I keep asking her the same questions, everyday. When the Tournament started, I was so nervous and i told my teacher i dont want to play. but yeaah i have to. I don't really know this guy but he never stop calling me. He asked me 'Dimana kau sekolah' then i jeling. I was like Dafuq? Look at my Jersey!! oh god, why oh why? hahahaha. We laughed together, share our happiness and im so happy! Gonna miss them :) xoxo

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